Lawn Consultation & Analysis

FREE consultation on watering, disease and insect information to help you keep your lawn healthy and green.

Green Package

A monthly program that consists of mowing only. Lawn areas will be mowed routinely throughout the growing season usually 24- 30 visits per year. Cutting height will be adjusted according to the type of grass. When grass clippings are heavy we mow again and/or air sweep to assure a well manicured appearance at all times allowing lawn to receive nutritional benefits from clippings.

Bengal Package

Including Green Package plus

Edging - Turf adjoining walks, paved drives, shrub beds and trees will be kept neatly trimmed as needed for attractive appearance.

Overseeding - Over seeding of lawns in fall to improve overall appearance. Spring over seeding will be consulted.

Core aeration - Reduces compaction of soil and enhances the penetration of water and fertilizers to encourage good deep root growth. Cool season grasses in the fall.

Cleaning - Air sweep hard surfaces as needed. Leaf and branches clean up when needed. Leaves will be mulched whenever possible and reused in natural areas when beneficial.

Landscaping Services

  •   Garden design
  •   Lawn Restoration and Sod Installation
  •   Property Clean Up
  •   Drainage
  •   Seasonal Pruning
  •   Irrigation Installation
  •   Retaining Walls Rock & Block

Weed Management & Nutrition Package

A yearly lawn care program consists of fertilization and weed management for your lawn. Most lawns require six visits per year. Fertilizer applications are tailored to provide proper nutrition for your lawn.

Adds fertilization and weed management for flower and shrub beds to this program.

Insect & Grub management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to manage your lawn to help prevent against destructive surface and sub-surface insect infestations.

Garden & Shrub Package

Spring and Fall clean up and tilt. Spring flowering shrubs will be pruned after they bloom while summer flowering shrubs will be pruned during the growing season. Whenever possible, thinning will be done instead of shearing to encourage natural growth and to reduce pruning requirements. Major pruning of ground covers, ornamental grasses and other shrubs will be done during the dormant season, with some grooming during the growing season. Also, gardens may incur an additional charge. An inventory will be taken of shrubs, flowers, and trees to determine average monthly fee.

"Bengal Turf -  A trusted name in the lawn care industry"

Bengal Turf Landscaping

We are reliable professionals with over 16 years of experience in golf course turf management specializing in lawn care and property management with an emphasis on Integrated Pest Management approach.

We provide professional lawn and exterior care in Barrhaven, Nepean, Kanata and the surrounding Ottawa area.

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